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Tales of Link Review

Tales of Link Review

Game Details:

  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games

  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

  • Platform/Links:  Google Store Apple Store

  • Rating: 12+

  • Release Date: US: April 6th 2016

  • Price: Free



 The story of Tales of Link is an interesting one to say the least. It follows the typical formula most fans have come to know and love from the Tales of series. The player takes control of the “savior” which is the one in charge of organizing the troops and commanding them in battle. The story follows the heroine Sara and her search for her brother; along the way there are some interesting events that transpire and not only are they unique for the story but the game ties in heroes from the main series of the franchise. Such heroes would be Sorey, Jude, Estelle, Judith, and many more.


The gameplay for Tales of Link uses a battle system that has the player connecting the same symbols to make a chain link attack which not only allows for higher combos and special attacks but it also allows for higher damage and the use of mystic arts. The symbols for the battles are square, circle, star, triangle, and hearts; hearts restore player HP and the other symbols are used for attacking.

The game also allows player to have parties that consist of up to nine characters the combined stats for the party members are show at the bottom after selecting the characters. Characters each have a clash that has perks that others don’t; an example would be the Bash class this class normally has high HP but low recovery stats. Not only do characters have these stats but also the weapons they equip allow players to gather a huge advantage over their enemies.

The game features the story mode to continue the story but it also has special events that change periodically that sometimes give out special weapons or rare characters. Some events are just skits for the player’s enjoyment that open up new events at a later date. Just like most mobile game the game features a stamina gauge that increase as the player levels up to provide for longer game play experiences. With all of these factors it provides a solid experience for a casual gamer to enjoy.


Tales of series has always had a beautiful look with its anime style character designs but in this title they take it a step further and transform them into vector art. This art style fits well for the tone of the game and the simplistic battle system. Not only are the visuals compelling but the backgrounds are very well designed and have an engaging element that can make you feel that these characters are really there.

When it comes to the sound of the game Tales of Link has a solid grip on the components that matter such as sound effects. The game features Japanese voice acting but it is subtitled very well, not only do they features matter but they also have a nice way of bringing another element to the game that is in most Tales of games. The opening sequence fits at home the way most openings do for the Tales of series not only does it follow the anime style openings but the soundtrack fits very well for the game.

The games performance is not without faults as sometimes the game will crash during a final blow to a boss or random app closes. With that being said it should also be noted that the developer does a good job at providing updates to patch the errors to try to provide a more flawless experience for the players.


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