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“The Get Down” Review

“The Get Down” Review

If you have no plans this weekend and you want to be kept entertained, I have a great suggestion for you. I present to you my review for the Netflix original series, “The Get Down”.

This show was conceived from the brilliant minds of a collective group who includes Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Nas, Grandmaster Flash and many others. It’s a story that’s loosely based on the creation of hip hop and with that said, music is the star of this show. 


It starts off following the life of a teenager who lost both parents at a young age and was forced to see the world for what it is. Set in the late 70’s in New York, we are introduced to Ezekiel; played by new comer Justice Smith who has a crush on a young female by the name of Mylene, played by another fresh face actor Herizen Guardiola. Think of it as a mix of  “A Westside Story” with “Beat Street”. 

Mylene has the desire to leave the neighborhood and become a singer while Ezekiel doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life until he meets a neighborhood legend that goes by the name  Shaolin Fantastic (played by Shameik Moore from the award winning movie “Dope”) who introduces him to his future.


Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five with Melle Mel

Without spoiling any of this show for you, I will tell you that if you’re looking to laugh, it’s here, if you want to hear great music, it’s here and if you want to learn anything about the nature of true hip hop…it’s definitely here. This show was written with passion and experience from the era of the time this show takes place. 


I give this show five out of five stars because it’s fresh, new and exciting. Within the first fifteen minutes it captures your imagination and takes it you back in time.

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Get Down with The Get Down

Definitely a must see !!

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