Home Gaming Three Reasons why Xbox Scorpio Should be Unveiled before E3
Three Reasons why Xbox Scorpio Should be Unveiled before E3

Three Reasons why Xbox Scorpio Should be Unveiled before E3

With the year of Xbox Scorpio well under way, as Xbox PR Head Aaron Greenberg put it, Xbox should take a page from Sony’s playbook and unveil their upcoming console before E3 for three reasons:

1 – Get the technical jargon out early to build momentum:

Hardware is all the rage now. Nintendo just unveiled its Switch console, while Sony released three new pieces of hardware in late 2016 with the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and PSVR respectively. Microsoft can jump on the train and disclose more details on Scorpio’s specs to address media speculations about its capabilities and to begin building hype for Xbox Scorpio.

2 – Opportunity to provide clear messaging from the get-go:

During PSX 2016, some observers posed more questions about the PS4 Pro after its reveal.  Microsoft can easily be caught in the same situation. This is why it’s essential for the company to get the Scorpio messaging spot on, right off the bat. Addressing ambiguities will help Xbox Scorpio and entice both early adopters and potential customers.

3 – Debuting Xbox Scorpio early frees up time to talk games at E3:

Revealing specs at E3 is not always productive. It has the potential to slow down the pacing of a show and could detract why people follow the event in the first place, games! Sony and Microsoft are allocated 90 minutes for their conferences and spending a good chunk of that time to talk TFLOPs and graphical bandwidth isn’t exactly exciting. This lost time can easily go to previewing the latest Xbox One games and features. Although many gamers were disappointed when Scalebound was cancelled, Xbox head Phil Spencer suggested there are unannounced Xbox exclusive games in the pipeline. If this is the case, talking Scorpio specs at E3 will shift focus away from these upcoming titles.


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