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TitanFall 2 Will Not Be Apart of EA/Origin Access

Looks like our friends at Respawn have no faith in their own game

Normally EA Access/Origin Access subscribers try out EA titles before they release. Access members receive upcoming EA titles a couple days before the official release, with having up to 10 hours of game time available to us. Then, if we decide to purchase the title, the game itself and all DLC that comes with that said game is 10% off. Well….Respawn Entertainment isn’t including themselves in any of this.

This came as a shocker first confirmed by GameReactor.EU.

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This means unless you played the Early Beta for TitanFall 2, and you’re an Access member, either buy the game for full price or don’t play it. Well, I’ll be going with the latter on this one.

Almost exactly 2 months ago, I made an article stating EA Access is the best Subscription Service in gaming. Fast forward to today…I’m contemplating on taking that one off the site. You can view that here.

EA Access Is The Best Subscription In Gaming-More Games Coming Soon!

Now, we won’t know for sure what games will be even included in this service. Battlefield 1 we know will be included, as in the other EA Sports titles on the Xbox One, but what will happen when Mass Effect is set to release? Will they go the same route as Respawn? Respawn has stated it will come, just not this year. That makes it better, right? NOPE.

Obviously, we all know Respawn Entertainment has been getting a lot of flak ever since the the announcement of TitanFall 2. It started when it was officially announced it will no longer be only available to the Xbox One and PC, and ended with poor response to the TitanFall 2 Open Beta. This doesn’t make it any better.

I’m upset with Respawn because it completely shows their lack of confidence with TitanFall 2, and I’m upset with EA for false advertising. What I mean by that? When I first joined EA Access, I never seen anything at all explaining that only certain games will be included, it was stated ALL EA titles will get the Access treatment, until now.

Let us know in the comments if you will be picking up TitanFall 2, or if you’re an EA Access or EA Origin subscriber and are upset by this news. Follow us@HardKnockGamers and join in the discussion in our Hard Knock Gamers Facebook Group – “The Best Place to be for ALL Gamers on ALL Platforms”

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