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Titanfall 2 Wish List

  • Game: Titanfall 2
  • Developer: Respawn
  • Expected Platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10, PS4
  • Release: Expected Q1 2017

Titanfall 2 Wishlist

Yes! Titanfall 2 is definitely in the works. No Platform or release date have been announced yet. I expect Titanfall 2 to be available for Xbox One, Windows 10 and likely PlayStation 4 fall 2016 or spring 2017. Before we get into all the speculation, lets talk about what we want in the next Titanfall.

  1. Campaign/Story

Titanfall didn’t have a legit single player or co-op experience. I would like to know more about the IMC, the Militia and about these Titans. How did these Titans  come into play. Titanfall doesn’t need a “Saving Private Ryan” story to be entertaining or even interesting. It just needs something decent that the average gamer can understand. Give Titanfall a Hero and a villain and whole lot of chaos in between.

  1. More Weapons

Titanfall didn’t have much to choose from when it came to your weapon load-out. This made your time with the game short lived. Now, I don’t believe every shooter should be flooded with guns. I personally do a 2-3 gun rotation. If they add more secondary options or add-on perks, it would help fill that void. I was huge fan of the burn card concept. Instead of adding more weapons to the load outs, add weapons to the burn cards. Yes. Burn Card Only Weapons. Grenade Launchers, One shot Snipers, sawed off shotguns, sticky grenades, make the crazy weapons everyone want to use available only via Burn cards.


Titanfall allow players to hop in and out of these big mechs called Titans. These huge mechs should be able to take down buildings, shoot down cover, and blow-up cars. Titanfall screams destructible environments!

  1. 8v8

Lower the bot count, raise the player count. Sometimes the grunts got in the way however, they did serve a major purpose. So, keep the grunts just make them less frequent and less annoying.



  1. Hijack Opponents Titan

What more can I say! Imagine. Your titan gets destroyed. You Eject and land on the skilled bastard that took down your titan. Take that bastard out of his mech and use his mech to take down his team and supporting grunts. That would be awesome! I understand titanfall can only support up to 12 live titans on the map at once, so, while in hijacked titan, disable the players ability to call out his own titan until hijacked titan is destroyed. Simple!

  1. Bring Back Frontier Defense

Titanfall Frontier Defense is like Gears of War Horde mode on steroids. It deserve to be in the next game Full time.

  1. Keep Titanfall on Dedicated Servers

The Best thing about Titanfall was the fact it ran damn near flawless. It was rare to run into trouble with lag. I got in to matches instantly. Not once did I rage, quit and blame a death on host advantage. Dedicated Servers should be a standard in all multiplayer games. however don’t just use any dedicated server. Anything other than Azure would be a downgrade. So, Respawn, if EA offers their servers to you please, please politely decline.

  1. Cross platform play Xbox/Windows

Now that Windows 10 is here, DX12 is making grand entry. Quantum Break gives us the first taste of cross buy, cross play and cross saves. By the time Titanfall 2 lands Cross play would be pretty much a standard feature. To those worried about advantages against PC players, just make it optional. Respawn must Crank up the Smart Pistol for console players when going against The guys and girls on the PC. On a serious note, cross play and cross buy should be a feature Respawn and EA should consider using for their next block buster.

That is my wishlist for Titanfall 2 Please let me know what you’d like to see in Titanfall 2.

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