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Fallout 4: What we miss from Fallout 3

Fallout 4 without a doubt was one of my top 5 favorite if not my favorite game of 2015. However there was some features or game mechanic changes in Fallout 4 from its predecessor game that I will openly admit to not being a huge fan of.

3. Shortened Dialogue Cues?
In Fallout 3 when you were in a conversation with a NPC you had 4 options of speech to choose from while conversing. They were generally one good response, a evil response, a sarcastic or uncaring response and sometimes comical or ludicrous response. This appears in Fallout 4 but instead of seeing your characters full response to either a question or threat, we were given one word prompts. This made the dialogue seem very limited and sometimes even made your character say something that you necessarily did not agree with or want him or her to say. One of the first mods that PC players made within a week of launch was switching out the Fallout 4 dialogue system with the much more detailed Fallout 3 system.


2. Lack of Skill Point System?
One of the most fun parts of the Fallout series is the ability to craft your character towards your playing style. Whether you want to be a tanky melee murder machine, or a super sneaky ninja with a silenced weapon. You always had the option to choose which way you wanted to play the game. The lack of a skill point system immediately disappointed, as it was always great in previous titles being able to choose your skill points every level up and then being able to choose a perk to boost whatever class you were leaning to. While I will admit that I enjoy The perk system in Fallout 4, and some of the new perks have helped in the replacement of the skill point mechanic. I simply feel they were trying to over-simplify the games character building mechanics in which to reach a wider audience, which in all honesty who can blame them?


1. Karma?

The Karma system, one of the unique systems that set Fallout out from other RPG games. If you stole, murdered or broke a moral law, the game would punish you with bad karma, which could make certain characters and NPC not associate or talk with you. For example in order to hire Jericho from Megaton you have to pay a certain amount of caps and have bad karma to have him as a companion. However this system is missing in Fallout 4, it has been replaced by a companion likes and dislikes kind of system. Depending on who your follower is your actions will either make them like you or dislike you more. For example if you travel with Nick Valentine, and generally do good deeds to the best of your ability he will like you more. Where if you travel with Strong the Super Mutant violence, chem use and threatening makes him like you more. While this is very similar to the karma system of past games, you can simply travel by yourself or with Dogmeat and skip this system altogether. There are upsides to traveling with these companions as the perks that come with reaching max relationship with them have huge benefits, it just doesn’t feel like Fallout without karma.

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