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Will The New Batman Rebirth Fail ?


Ladies and gentlemen, today I bring you a question. Will the new Batman: “Rebirth”  by Tom King suck?




So in the last month DC has announced that several of their mainline titles, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Justice League were going to be Bi-weekly. That should be a good thing right ? More comics is better for the consumer right ?

That’s not always the case. If anyone has been keeping up with the Batman comic universe, there have been two titles that were weekly comics, Batman Eternal and Batman and Robin Eternal. My opinion is while both suffered from the same issues, Batman and Robin Eternal is the better one of the two.

Batman Eternal in particular seem to have a crap load of creative teams that worked on them because every five issues of Batman Eternal the characters are drawn differently, the characters personality seem to change, the art style overall seem to change and the story seem to went in different directions which damaged the plot.

I fear the new Batman: Rebirth will suffer with similar issues. I don’t want franchises to be ruined because a corporation gets to greedy.


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