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Will You Make A Deal With The Devil in Batman: The Telltale Series?


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My favorite comic book character is Batman, so when Telltale announced this series I was all over it. This episode is available to download today but it hasnt unlocked yet so while we wait lets see what to expect. We have been already introduced to some major adversaries of Batman like Penguin, Two-Face etc but there is none bigger imo than The Joker. With the teaser for episode 4 we finally see Bruce Wayne meet The Joker. If you havent see the trailer yet, take the rock off of you and check it out here before watching this clip.

Now in this clip (starting at 1:55 mark) provided by DC All Access you get information on Vicki Vale and most importantly “Will you make a deal with the devil?”

I definitely suggest you click the link below and check out the other news they shared with this clip.

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