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World of Warships – Update 0.5.8 “Bastion”

With the weekend coming up the latest update for World of Warships will be sailing in, bringing brand new guns to the war. The latest update will be one of the biggest update in the game’s history so far giving some parts of the game new life while bringing new features along the way.


Bastion Game Mode

A new game-mode will be introduced called “Bastion” and is the first time land enemies will be introduced. Bastion will contain forts located throughout the map in-which the player needs to capture should they want support where as enemy controlled forts can be temporarily knocked out by reducing their health to zero. The only drawback from this is that the game-mode is only available to players in Tier VIII or higher ships.


New Maps

Included in this update will be two brand new maps for captains to go all-out war in. Both “Sea of Fortune” and “Loop” will both provide stunning landscapes with many islands throughout each map and will be available to captains of Tier VII vessels or higher.

Sea of Fortune, based somewhere between France and Britain, provides interesting battles throughout the whole map. The centre of the map has a long straight with a ‘picturesque’ landscape containing an island with a castle made for a quick dash across however the flanks are a different story. The right flank provides aggressive battles suited towards Cruisers and Battleships whereas the left flank is suited for long-range battles since the islands are relatively low in height.

Loop is a fictional location with Portuguese styled islands that are densely located. Players will have to plan their route in advance where the large islands will provide opportunities to defend any breakthroughs.


Updated Matchmaking

World of Warships’ matchmaking system has been under fire every now and then where players can be mismatched. This means that Tier IV ships can sometimes come across Tier VI and Tier VII ships in battle thus putting these captains at a huge disadvantage. With update 0.5.8, there will be a new matchmaking system that hopes to solve this issue:

  • Aircraft Carriers will continue to look for opponents on same Tier
  • The number of Divisions, destroyers, and battleships between each team is limited to one while the difference in cruisers between teams is limited to two
  • The number of top ships will be strictly symmetrical for each ship type:
    • If in a tier VIII battle, one team has two tier VIII battleships, two tier IX cruisers and one tier VIII destroyer. The other team has an identical team
  • The above rule also applies to battleships belonging to a tier that’s one step lower than the battle tier.
    • If in a tier VIII battle, one team has one tier VII battleship and the other team also does
  • Balancing the lowest-tier ships outside of their type is allowed.
    • A tier VIII battle could involve a tier VI destroyer against a tier VI battleship


Improved UI and Audio

Changes to the current state of the User Interface and Audio systems have been made where; notifications have been added to alert team members of any friendly fire, a collection of ribbons to that will be tracked in more detail. There will be ribbons for; Ricochets, Over-Penetrations and Non-Penetrations to name a few. Audio has also received so supplies in terms of; new music tracks, ‘National’ voiceovers and the option to change their voiceover language and modifications.


Models and Tracers

Tracers have been updated allowing the user to easily identify the difference between High-Explosive rounds and Armour Piercing rounds. Several of the ship models were given an update:

  • Germany – Dresden, Emden, Hermelin, Hindenburg, Admiral Hipper, Karlsruhe, Kolberg, Konigsberg, Nurnberg, Roon, Tirpitz, Yorck
  • Japan – Aoba, Atago, Chikuma, Furutaka, Hashidate, Ibuki, Iwaki Alpha, Kuma, Mogami, Myoko, Tenryu, Yubari, Zao
  • Soviets / Russia – Aurora, Diana, Mikhail Kutuzov, Murmansk, Orlan
  • America – Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chester, Cleveland, Des Moines, Erie, Indianapolis, Marblehead, New Orleans, Omaha, Pensacola, Phoenix, St. Louis

So with all this new content added to the game, what is there left to add in the future? – One such thing is the introduction of new playable factions. The community has had glimpses of the Royal Navy, Soviets and Germans through Premium ships in the store however it has been announced that Germany’s Battleships will be included officially to the game with a full working Cruiser and Battleship line-up with Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers coming in the future.


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Official Website – Update 0.5.8 Release Notes

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