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Xbox One August Update Out Now

Xbox One August Update Out Now

Microsoft is officially sending out the Xbox One August update! This is one of the bigger updates the console has had recently, coming out with features that fans have been waiting for. Some features are finally hitting the console that gamers have been asking for since the launch of the Xbox One. If you haven’t received the ability to download the update yet, Microsoft has stated it will take a few days to reach everyone.

To start off the August update with a bang, let’s start off with one of the most requested missing features since we first put our hands on our Xbox Ones, background music! Now you are able to start playing music on your console, head to the dashboard, and open up a new application while still hearing the music you are playing. No longer do you have to be forced to look at a static screen on your tv while playing music, you can do whatever you feel like on the console while it plays!

Some other note worthy features include “Games & Apps” section being closer to get to on the main dashboard, a much easier way to sort your downloaded games and also “Ready to Install” games, a new store layout, finding Facebook friends on Xbox One, Cortana being added, and much more! To take a look at some of these features, here is a video straight from Microsoft on the August 2016 Xbox One Update.

*******To get a very detailed walk-through of how exactly to manage Background Music and Audio on Xbox One CLICK HERE*******

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