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Xbox One System Update News Coming This Week

Things have been quiet in the Xbox camp, Well specifically the System Update section. Well fret not anymore, News about the latest system update has been coming from Microsoft’s Engineer Mike Ybarra who states that news will be coming this week, and didn’t share much else specifically.

Here’s the tweet in question: (via Dualshockers)

Xbox One updates are typically shown off to preview program members first before releasing fully to the public.

Outside of a small scaled update that happened behind the scenes(via Gamespot)that fixed up some patches in early January, Much hasn’t come to the Xbox One since November 2015’s big New Xbox One Experience. Microsoft held back on updates as an intentional move. So they could focus primarily focus on stability during the holiday season Microsoft stated.

The next major Xbox One update isn’t slated until February, although Microsoft hasn’t stated what supposed to be coming along with it. One possibility is the ability to view who’s in the party. As shown off in this video(via Gamespot)

What new functions and features would you like to see in the next Xbox One update? Drop a comment below and speak your mind.

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